Athlete Leadership Academy - Speaker Training

Athlete Leadership Academy; Special Olympics PEI

Special Olympics PEI athletes are thriving in roles on and off the playing fields. In 2020, Special Olympics PEI launched an Athlete Leadership Academy! The Academy is an opportunity for Island athletes, beyond sports training and competition, to gain knowledge and experience in a number of modules/courses. As athletes explore and complete these workshops they will build community and feel more empowered to reach their full potential.

Speaker Workshop, one of the four Workshop available to Athlete Leaders, provides an opportunity for Special Olympics Athletes to develop public speaking and speech writing skills. This course will give tools to enhance an athlete’s poise and self-confidence while standing at a microphone or podium. This course is ideal for athletes who have an interest in educating others about the Special Olympics movement, as well as their own personal story, in a public setting. It is ok if you are not comfortable speaking to crowds, so long as there is a desire to learn and practice the skills you will learn.

This February / March 4 Special Olympics PEI athletes are enrolled in the Athlete Leadership Academy to take the Speaker Workshop:


Special Olympics PEI, Athlete Leadership Academy, Jennifer Hickox, Carole-Ann French

Jennifer Hickox

Mentor: Carole Ann French

Jennifer Hickox joined Special Olympics 13 years ago when she moved into Charlottetown. She started participating in Special Olympics programs because she wanted to meet her people, join a team, and do something meaningful with her time. Jennifer started off participating in 5-Pin Bowling, and now participates in Bocce, Floor Hockey, Soccer and Softball as well. Jennifer enrolled in the Athlete Leadership Academy because she wants to be able to tell her story and inspire potential athletes, parents and volunteers to become involved in Special Olympics. She would like to gain confidence and be able to speak more clearly while addressing a group. 

Jennifer is supported by her mentor, Carole Ann French. Carole Ann is a long time volunteer with Special Olympics PEI. As the head coach of the Charlottetown Bocce program, and Team PEI 2018's Bocce coach, Carole Ann has coached Jennifer on the field of play for many years.


Special Olympics PEI, Sherry Hiscock, Athlete Leadership

Sherry Hiscock

Mentor: Brian Hiscock

Sherry Hiscock has been a Special Olympics PEI athlete for 6 years. She participates in a variety of sports, including Floor Hockey, Softball, 5-Pin Bowling, Basketball and Bocce. Sherry is a competitive Softball athlete, having been a member of Team PEI 2018 at the Special Olympics National Summer Games in Antigonish, NS. Sherry, who loves being involved in the community in any way she can, enrolled in the Athlete Leadership Academy because she wants to make a positive impact on her fellow Special Olympics athletes through her leadership and communication skills. 

Sherry is supported by her mentor, Brian Hiscock. Brian is Sherry's father. 


Special Olympics PEI, Heidi Mallett

Heidi Mallett

Mentor: Velma Bince

Heidi Mallett has been a Special Olympics PEI athlete for 14 years. Heidi is an active participant in a variety of Special Olympics sports, including Golf, Snowshoe, Bocce, and 5-Pin Bowling. Heidi is no stranger to competition, having been a member of Team PEI as a member of both the Golf and 5-Pin Bowling teams. Most recently, Heidi was a member of Team PEI 2020's 5-Pin Bowling team at the Special Olympics National Winter Games in Thunder Bay, ON. Off the fields of play, Heidi is the Athlete Representative on Special Olympics PEI's Board of Directors, and holds the honour of being the first Canadian athlete to be selected to the Global Athlete Leadership Council. Heidi believes that it is a privilege to be able to speak up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves. 

Heidi is supported by her mentor, and mother, Velma Bince.

Hailliegh Mill

Mentor: Crystal Cromwell

Bio & Photo Coming Soon!