SOBC's challenge to B.C. election candidates: end the health inequality faced by citizens with intellectual disabilities

Our challenge to B.C.'s election candidates

Special Olympics BC has issued a challenge to all candidates in the 2020 provincial election: to end the deadly health inequality experienced by B.C.’s citizens with intellectual disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities have been severely marginalised, facing alarming health outcomes their whole lives. Now more than ever, with the added challenges of COVID-19, this needs to change.  

It is time for B.C.’s elected officials to step forward and create essential and lasting change. We need everyone's support to help make sure those running for election can no longer ignore the unacceptable health outcomes for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics BC has been working with valued partners in the Champions for Inclusive Health Stakeholder Coalition to understand and address the complex challenges that create health inequality for individuals with intellectual disabilities. But we need all of B.C.’s elected officials to join us. We are asking them to commit to working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and their supporters, and help lead the way to essential and lasting change. 

Please click here for campaign information and resources

On this page you can find the questions we have issued to all candidates. You can also find suggested letters, questions, and social media posts that all citizens can use to reach out to their local candidates. 

The voices of individual constituents will be essential to ensure candidates commit to changing the game. We are asking everyone to please help by contacting candidates in your riding, by email, phone, and/or social media, and by sharing this campaign widely within your networks. 

We all need to speak together and speak up to show how much people with intellectual disabilities matter throughout our province. The status quo is not acceptable and we need our politicians to commit to helping solve this complex problem.

If you have any questions, feedback, or stories to share, please don’t hesitate to contact SOBC Communications Manager Megan Pollock ( / 604-737-3077).