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at 12:00PM
Event Ends:
at 1:15PM
Online through Zoom and on FB Live
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Sobeys Nutrition Break

MEAL monday

Canada Food Guide - Identify Foods from all section of the plate and learn how to balance your meal!

Supplies: Athletes are to bring a FRUIT, VEGETABLE, WHOLE GRAIN and 1 PROTEIN FOOD that is stored in the cupboard. Please also print handout, or have a blank piece of paper with pencil/crayons

Building a Healthy Plate Handout: 

Don't have a printer, don't worry, just grab a piece of paper and draw 3 large circles on it!

Canada Food Guide 


wellness wednesday

Learning about Vegetables, Fruits and Whole Grains

Supplies: A Whole Grain Product with a Label (For example: a loaf of bread)

Vegetables and Fruits Handout: 
Whole Grains Handout: 


Thirsty thursday

Learning about Protein Foods and Hydration

Supplies: None

Protein Foods Handout 
Hydration Handout: 

foodie friday

Learning about Healthy Eating on the Go and Testing your Nutrition Knowledge

Supplies: None

Guide to Eating Out: 

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