Event Starts:
at 7:30PM
Event Ends:
at 9:30PM
Online - Zoom!
  • Adult
  • Children
  • Youth


Join us for a Special Olympics Summer Shindig!!!!!  All you need is access to Zoom, some space in your home and your dancing shoes!!!!  We will be rockin' some tunes for you to dance the night away with us during our Virtual Dance Party!

Everyone will be placed on Mute as soon as they enter the Virtual Dance Party!

Please download Zoom before you enter the Virtual Dance Party, and remember to put yourself in Gallery View so you can see all your friends!!! Change your name to FIRST NAME ONLY and CLUB.

Make sure you are in a quiet room, stand with your arms out to your sides and make sure you can spin around without touching anything!  This will make sure you have enough room to safely dance the night away!

We will be taking song requests on our Facebook Event Page!  Not all songs requested may be played during the dance, but we will do our best!

EVERYONE must sign up for the Virtual Dance Party!

Limited Spaces Available (300)

Zoom Tips!