SO Inclusive

Special Olympics BC is reaching out to schools to raise awareness about intellectual disabilities and support social inclusion for each and every student.

The SO Inclusive school program is a tool for teachers (also community leaders, adult volunteers and student groups) to help raise levels of awareness about intellectual disabilities in schools, foster inclusive school activities and encourage students to get involved with organizations that support students with intellectual disabilities, like Special Olympics.

The program offers a resource package for secondary schools full of ideas for administrators, teachers and students to participate in activities that support and involve all students. Sample activity and lesson ideas are also available for elementary schools and post-secondary schools. SO Inclusive is sponsored by Special Olympics BC and has been developed with and for teachers. These resources can be used by anyone with an interest to educate and raise awareness of intellectual disabilities in schools and communities.

If you are interested in incorporating SO Inclusive into your school's life, please contact SOBC at 604-737-3078 / 1-888-854-2276 (toll-free).